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Is teething powder homeopathic?

Popular brand names:

  • Ashton & Parson’s

Generic name:  Teething powder with chamomile extract.

Active ingredient: Chamomile / Matricaria.

Can you make it? No.


No, contains lactose.



Ethical concerns?


Health concerns?

Until recently A&P teething powder was listed as a part of homeopathic medicine, causing parents to question its potential effectiveness. Many people today still believe it is homeopathic!

After investigating, this seems to be a terminology issue: teething powder is in fact herbal, because it relies on the natural calming effects of chamomile, and the chamomile is present in a substantial and effective amount in the powder. It’s not pain relief, but the mix of chamomile and sugar, like similar blends in teas for adults, may comfort a teething or colicky baby.

Do not give to lactose-intolerant infants!

Alternative brands:

  • Nelson’s Teetha.

Are there store brands?


Why are plastic shopping bags not vegetarian?

Generic name: Plastic shopping bag.

Active ingredient: Slip agents.

Can you make it?  Not really.


No, the slip agents in plastic bags are rendered from animal fats.


Depends on whether you believe handling bags that may contain pork fat is haram, or whether you believe that it’s halal so long as you do not ingest it.

Ethical concerns?

On top of animal welfare issues, plastic bags are usually not recyclable or biodegradable, and present a hazard to wildlife.

Health concerns?

None that I am aware of.

Alternative brands:

Any cotton, jute or bamboo tote bags. Or just use your backpack!

Are there store brands?

Yes, most supermarkets offer a recyclable or fabric bag you can reuse.

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