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Why is ALDI recalling vanilla extract?

Brand: The Pantry. / ALDI.

Product: Madagascan Vanilla Extract

Product details: Code 68315.

Recall area: UK.

Reason: Labelling error. The product is labelled “Madagascan Vanilla Extract” but is actually “Moroccan Almond Extract”.

Risk: Poses a threat to people with nut allergies.

Questions: Direct to ALDI customer service (https://customerservice.aldi.co.uk/contact) or in store.

Why has Campbell’s recalled 3,600 cans of soup?

Brand: Campbell’s.

Product: Home Style Soup – Chicken with whole grain pasta.

Product details: BBE Feb 13th 2019. EST.4R.

Recall area: USA.

Reason: Labelling error. They contain milk, but this is not listed in the ingredients.

Risk: Milk is a known allergen and is also avoided by many for ethical reasons.

Questions: Direct to USDA. 866-400-0965.

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