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What makes infacol / colief work?

Popular brand names:

  • Infacol
  • Colief

Generic name: Infant gas/colic/wind relief oral suspension.

Active ingredient: Simethicone.

Can you make it?

Not really.


Vegetarian, no data on vegan or not.


No data.

Ethical concerns?

None found.

Health concerns?

None in small doses, but rare side effects include vomiting, mucus in feces, and, in some rare cases, increased wind. If a rash or other serious symptom develops go to emergency services.

Alternative brands:

  • Colic Calm
  • Equate
  • Major
  • Mylicon
  • sab simplex
  • Smart Sense

Are there store brands?

Yes, many pharmacies and some supermarkets stock their own brands, but look for ones with simethicone!