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What goes into Flash?

Popular brand names:

  • Cif
  • Domestos
  • Flash
  • Mr Muscle

Generic name: Whitening/bleaching all-purpose kitchen/bathroom/floor cleaner.

Active ingredient: Bleach.

Can you make it? Yes, just use a little bleach and water, maybe try fragranced bleach. But do not mix complex cleaning products with each other or with bleach, as this can form poisonous gasses.


No, big brands use animal testing.


Big brands use animal testing.

Ethical concerns?

Pollution of the environment.

Health concerns?

Can irritate skin, eyes, nose and throat. Do not ingest.

Alternative brands:

  • Clover
  • DuoMax
  • Ecover (eco-conscious)
  • Zep

Are there store brands?

Yes, many.

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