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Does it have to be Calpol?

Popular brand names: Calpol.

Generic name: Paracetamol oral suspension / ibuprofen oral suspension / infant pain/fever relief.

Active ingredient: Paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Can you make it? No, do not give infants or children adult painkillers.


Any pink one contains carmine, derived from beetles.


As pink ones contain carmine, these are haram.

Ethical concerns?

Animal testing was used to derive the product, and the parent company continues to use animal testing. However most medicines containing everyday painkillers have not involved animal testing for over 20 years.

Health concerns?

Paracetamol versions are safe for most children, ibuprofen versions are only at the discretion of your doctor.

Most are now sugar-free.

Alternative brands:

  • Medinol (no carmine)
  • Panadol (no carmine)
  • Sab Simplex

Are there store brands?

Yes, in most big supermarkets and pharmacies.

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