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What is Fimo clay?

Popular brand names:

  • Fimo
  • Sculpey

Generic name: Polymer clay.

Can you make it?

No, but you can make oven-baking clay substitutes that are very similar to polymer clay. Search for “DIY oven bake clay” or “DIY polymer clay substitute”.





Ethical concerns?

None found.

Health concerns?

Some people are worried about phthalate exposure. Do not use to make anything you will eat off.

Alternative brands:

  • Cernit
  • CiaraQ
  • Fantasy Floral
  • H&S
  • Kato Polyclay
  • Ouba
  • Reelva
  • Uro
  • +many unbranded options online

Are there store brands?

None I have found that compare, best to source online. Check to ensure it’s oven bake, not air dry.

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