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What does “Soap Free” mean?

Popular brand names:

  • Avene
  • Carex
  • Dove
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Sanex
  • Weleda

Generic name: Soap-free cleansing gel.

Active ingredient: Emulsifiers.

Can you make it? No.





Ethical concerns?

None located.

Health concerns?

Soap is made of combining fats and caustic (strongly alkaline) substances, such as lard and lye. This creates an emulsifier that dissolves the oil on our skins and therefore remove dirt stuck to that oil, but can also be very harsh on the skin and the environment, as well as potentially containing animal products.

Soap-free soap is made of alternative emulsifiers, which can be PH-neutral and ethical, though always check the label!

Alternative brands:

  • A-Derma
  • Allergenics
  • Beauty RX
  • Cetaphil
  • Jurlique
  • Pear’s

Are there store brands?

Some, but they’re rare.

Why is ALDI recalling vanilla extract?

Brand: The Pantry. / ALDI.

Product: Madagascan Vanilla Extract

Product details: Code 68315.

Recall area: UK.

Reason: Labelling error. The product is labelled “Madagascan Vanilla Extract” but is actually “Moroccan Almond Extract”.

Risk: Poses a threat to people with nut allergies.

Questions: Direct to ALDI customer service (https://customerservice.aldi.co.uk/contact) or in store.

Why has Campbell’s recalled 3,600 cans of soup?

Brand: Campbell’s.

Product: Home Style Soup – Chicken with whole grain pasta.

Product details: BBE Feb 13th 2019. EST.4R.

Recall area: USA.

Reason: Labelling error. They contain milk, but this is not listed in the ingredients.

Risk: Milk is a known allergen and is also avoided by many for ethical reasons.

Questions: Direct to USDA. 866-400-0965.

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