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Vitamins = Healthy?

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Ever wondered what’s in your brands?

There are many products we know by brand name alone. Here at Behind The Label we aim to uncover the generic product names, ingredients lists, and facsimiles (knock offs) of every popular brand, from baby medicines to fizzy drinks! So whether you want a cheap alternative or just to know about your favourite brands, bookmark us for posterity.



 Popular brand names:

  • Dawn (vitamins)
  • Flora (omegas, calcium)
  • Kellogg’s cereals (vitamins and minerals)
  • Nesquick (calcium, minerals)
  • Tropicana (vitamins)
  • Vitaminwater (vitamins)
  • Welch’s (calcium)
  • Wonderbread (minerals)
  • Seriously, so many brands are adding vitamins, minerals, and EFAs to their foods!

Generic name: Multivitamin and mineral supplement.

Active ingredient: Added nutrients.

Can you make it? You can have a multivitamin alongside your unfortified food for the same effect.


Some supplements, such as vitamin D or calcium, are usually not vegan in origin.


Some supplements come from shellfish and are therefore haram.

Ethical concerns?

Companies are adding nutrients to low-nutrition foods, like cereals, white breads, sugary drinks, or chocolate, and selling it as a healthy food. In reality, if you ate the unfortified version and had a supplement you would get the same effect!

Health concerns?

It’s up to you to decide whether you would eat these foods if they were not fortified. If you would not, consider adding a multivitamin to your regular diet instead of buying a brand with fortified foods.

Also, bear in mind that not all supplements work. With supplement pills you can check them to see if they’re likely to be digestible, but you never know the origin or bio-availability of supplements in food. For all you know, the fortification could be impossible for your body to absorb!

Alternative brands:

Countless brands fortify their foods, this doesn’t mean the food is good.

Are there store brands?

Yes, many store brands also fortify their foods.

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